Meet the Denali Coven!

What an exciting week it has been for Breaking Dawn News. The official Twilight Saga Twitter has just announced the Actor and Actresses who make up the Denali Coven; the other “vegetarian” vampire coven from our beloved Twilight books. They are as follow: Eleazar – Christian Camargo, Kate – Casey LaBow, Carmen – Mia Maestro, Tanya – MyAnna Buring and as we know Irina is being played being played by Maggie Grace.

Christian Camargo/Eleazer Casey LaBow/Kate

MyAnna Buring/Tanya

Mia Maestrow/Carmen

And the lovely Maggie Grace we have already seen, cant wait to see their vampire transformations.


Just thought it might be worth a look at where we may have seen these actors before!

Casey LaBow has already been in a movie with a Twilight cast member. She appeared along with Ashley Greene in Skateland. She has also appeared in a few episodes of CSI. NY and the vampire setective series Moonlight!

Christian Camargo has been in just about every show I have watched on FX!! CSI, Dexter, Law and Order, Numb3rs and the movies The Hurt Locker, The Picture of Dorian Gray an National Treasure:Book of Secrets.

Mia Maesto’s TV credits include, Family Guy, Alias, The Summit and Crusoe. She has been in the movies, The MotorCycle Diaries and Deepwater.

MyAnna Buring is a lovely Swedish actress who moved to the UK in 1990 and has appeared in Midsommer Murders, Casualty, Dr Who (woohoo – oops sorry, the geek just escaped) and The Bill. She has been in movies such as The Descent part 2 and Lesbian Vampire Killers!

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