The Twilight Saga: an Action Film???

According to Twilight producer Mark Morgan the Twilight Saga was nearly made by Paramount who didn’t want to make it into a teenage romance and instead into an action movie with Bella becoming a Vampire in the first movie and Charlie dying.

Thank goodness Summit took over!!

In an interview today, Morgan said that Paramount was originally interested in making the film but revealed  “It was a blessing that Summit [made the move], because frankly, Paramount would have chosen a different director. Their rewrite wasn’t exactly like the book. I love Paramount, but I do not think they would have hired Catherine Hardwicke, our first director. They would have gone for someone bigger. Boys. More action. I mean, one of their drafts literally had a Korean FBI agent who was hunting and tracking vampires across the coast. There was SWAT in the trees and literally it was like, ‘Red leader, read leader one′, and the vampires were picking them out of the woods. It would have been a different movie.”

What do you think? Would you have liked to see Twilight as an all action movie?


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