We desperately need your help!!

We are desperate for news posters on UK Twilight! Due to increased work commitments, both myself and Debz aren’t able to get on here as much as we would like. So, if you have half an hour to spare everyday please get in touch.

There are a few things you need in order to be able to post for us.

  • A good command of the English language. We’re not looking for someone with the vocabulary of Stephen Fry but someone who is articulate is a must.
  • Understands our demograph. We get fans of all ages on this site and because of this do not post anything that could be considered’ risque’!

We also need someone who will understand that to keep our integrity intact, we will not post up rumours about the personal lives of any of the actors in Twilight. This includes posting up pictures that infringe the privacy of the actors from the paperazzi!

You do not need to know how to use word press although if you do, this will be an advantage. We will shortly have an ‘idiots guide’ available for new helpers.

Debz and I really love UK Twilight and would hate for it to have to come to end just because of time restraints so if you think you can help us, send an email to us at uktwilight@live.com

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