Peter Facinelli Pulls out of Eternal Twilight 4

As you will probably know, Peter Facinelli has had to pull out of ET4 (and RingCon) due to work commitments on Nurse Jackie. Very sad I know but I’m sure Show Masters will do their best to bring someone just as awesome to the con!

As Jason wrote in his post ‘things you may not know part 2’

25. If we booked Robert Pattinson we would probably not announce it to the fans as we feel that we would sell
out to people that had not supported ETs over the years, so we would try to keep it a secret for as long as
possible, so you, the fans that have helped make the event happen, would get the tickets and then you
would find out that we had him! That way we feel it’s fair to the fans that come every time.

Fingers crossed ladies (and gents)!

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