Guest Cancellation for Eternal Twilight 4 – Jodelle Ferland

Showmasters have announced that due to work commitments, Jodelle will not be attending Eternal Twiligh 4 next month –

We are very sorry to have to announce Jodelle’s cancellation for ET4.

Jodelle will be filming “The Tall Man” with Jessica Biel and we wish her the very best of luck with her new project.

We are working hard on a replacement guest and hope to have news for you soon.

This often happens with conventions as those of us who have attended ET before know. It can’t be helped and work does come first. This follows on from the disappointing news that Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley will no longer be able to attend Rogue Events Insugence Convention this weekend. Happily, the organisers managed to get 2 new guests at the last minute.


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