Celebrity Men You Want to be Your Boyfriend and Other!!

So, as Glamour Magazine says –

Who would be your boyfriend in a fantasy movie of your life? We’ve picked our favourite stars to play the parts of everyone from our holiday flings, to our dads and even the jolly postman. Find out who we’ve chosen and have your say. A girl can but dream, after all…

Rob as your boyfriend? Duh! Well that’s what we thought too! Glamour magazine have put together a list of 20 ce;ebs that could play the key men in your life. Here’s the list –

Boyfriend – Robert Pattinson
Dad – Bill Murray
Brother – Penn Bagley (Gossip Girl)
Teacher – Johnny Depp
Your Boss – Will Smith
Holiday Romance – Jude Law
Personal Trainer – Kellan Lutz
Life Coach – Ashton Kutcher
Doctor – Gearge Clooney
Husband – Orlando Bloom
Gay Best Friend – Perez Hilton
Uncle – Robert Downey Jr.
Grandad – Sean Connery
Best Friend with Benefits – Justin Timberlake
Postman – Peter Andre
Stylist – Ed Westwick
Gig Buddy – Russell Brand
Dinner Date – Jakle Gyllenhaal
Colleague – Shia LeBeouf
Chauffeur – Brad Pitt

So how do you think that list fits in with you? Personal Johnny Depp would be my hubby/dinner date/boyfriend/holiday romance/best friend but Sean Connery is definitely the grand daddy of them all!

Make your own list, include the Twilight men then let us know who you chose!

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