New Kristen Stewart stills on Hollywood Crush

Just in on Hollywood Crush are 3 exclusive stills of Kristen Stewart in ‘Welcome to the Rileys’.

I think this movie definitely does look gritty to say the least. I love that Kristen really chooses roles that she can get her teeth into, and that will pose a challenge for her.

Today, we got our hands on three pics from a movie we’ve been talking about forever (well, maybe more like nine months or so): Kristen Stewart’s gritty film “Welcome to the Rileys.” Kristen plays runaway teen prostitute Mallory, who’s taken in by James Gandolfini to help him ease the pain of his own daughter’s death.

In the above pic, Kristen is examining her bruised face after what we can only assume was some kind of fight/beating. Peeking in on her is Melissa Leo who plays James’ wife, Lois, in the film.

When we caught up with Kristen earlier this year to discuss the role, she said she had never “felt so personally involved in something” as she did with “Welcome to the Rileys,” adding that making the movie definitely changed her life. “I think I’m just a little bit more sensitive,” she said. “I’m so, if you looked at a girl wrong now, I would fly across the room and kill you.” Wow, watch out for KStew!

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