Nikki Reed has Bieber Fever!

OK Justin Bieber fans, get ready to add yet another Hollywood starlet to your list of JB-supporters. ‘Breaking Dawn’ star Nikki Reed admitted to MTV News that she’s officially been hit by “Bieber Fever.”

Unlike many though, it took Nikki a little longer to jump into the Bieber fanbase, mainly because at first she didn’t really get what the hype was about.

“I didn’t really understand that for a while,” Nikki said. But that changed after she watched Youtube videos of a six-year-old Justin strumming on the guitar.

“The excitement and passion in his eyes and his voice, this little tiny kid holding this big huge guitar … he’s singing, his voice penetrates into the world,” Nikki said. “People across the street were listening, it’s truly incredible. He’s a talented kid.”

Now, Nikki’s hooked (welcome to the club!) and she totally gets why people adore the Biebs.

“He’s got a very specific look and style thing that he’s going for. I didn’t understand or connect with that [at first], just like the Jonas Brothers, but I’m starting to get it with the Biebs.”

About time!

OK I concede, yes I have been known to sing along with the Bieb, but not in public!!

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