Twilight Makeup Review

Simple Beauty, the only place in the UK you can buy the entire range of Twilight beauty products, were kind enough to send us a few samples to try out. Below is an individual review of each item they sent but on the whole, as a mid price range makeup selection, you could do far worse than investing in some of these products.

Nox nail polish in ‘Red Velvet’: As nail polishes go, this is what I call traditional in that it isn’t a ’60 second quick dry’ type that we get nowadays. Because of this, I found the colour to go on really smoothly and gave a really high gloss finish. Even though it took some time to dry, I’d definitley buy some more!

Labyrinth eyeshadow in ‘Myth’: If you like your eye colour to have a really deep colour, this is for you. I hardly needed to use any at all. I found it to be more like a pigment and it blended well.

Foreshadow eyelid primer: This did exaclty what it was supposed to do. I have used eyeshadow primers in the past that I’ve found to be a bit greasy but this one is very light and held the Labyrinth eyeshadow in place without creasing!

Luna colour palette ‘Alice’: Eclectic and Spunky with shimmering blue and silver shadows, rosy blush and sheer hot pink lips. I have to say blue is not my colour and I found the palette wrong for my complexion. However, I can imagine if you are fair skinned with dark hair you’d look very pretty and I couldn’t fault the product itself.

Femme Fatale Lip Gloss ‘Vapor’: Sheer sparkling Pewter: Really nice tasting (and that’s important) and non sticky, I found this lip gloss really nice on it’s own for a night out

Just Bitten Staining Lip Balm ‘Rapture’: Very Berry: The colour of this lip ‘stick’ is very intense so I found I only needed a little! It has a very rich, creamy, smooth consistency and this particular colour made my lips almost blood satined 🙂

Luna Gleam Metallic Mascara ‘Mist’: Gleaming Gunmetal: I’m allergic to glittery mascara so I had to get my daughter try this out. She’s a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to mascaras and told me this one applied really well with a good brush, giving an even spread across the eye lashes!

Twilight Venom: I love this stuff. It gives a bit of a crimson stain to your lips and you would think that you had pressed your lips against Edwards venom from the tingle you get from the plumping agent! Love it! 10/10

Overall, I have to say that I really like this collection. It’s all packaged really well and smells delicious! The full range can be found online at

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