James Franco to be in Breaking Dawn Rumour is…a Rumour!

I love James Franco and could quite easily see him slip seemlessly into a role in Breaking Dawn but after reading the rumours yesterday that after being seen reading Twilight and saying it was for a ‘project’ Gossip Cop have been told by a representative of Franco that this rumour is in fact, not true.

Is another famous face primed to join Breaking Dawn?

James Franco recently gave an interview to Esquire in which he reveals that he’s reading Twilight and explains, “It’s for a project.”

Even though the actor added, “But that [project] is way, way off. It’s just something I’m thinking about,” his choice of reading material — not surprisingly — inspired a lot of chatter.

“It’s very possible that James Franco could be joining your favorite vampire and werewolf hotties in Breaking Dawn!” chimes HollywoodLife. Dozens of other outlets, including MTV, also wondered whether the busy Eat Pray Love actor could be sinking his teeth into a Breaking Dawn role.

Well, for good or for bad: It’s not happening.

A rep for Franco tells Gossip Cop the speculation about him joining Breaking Dawn is “not true.”

Rumors often seem to come from thin air, their origins a mystery. Given the Esquire piece, this one is at least somewhat more reasonable — but it’s still inaccurate.

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