Is Stephenie Meyer Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Here’s more from Twifans and their amazing date with Stephenie Meyer!

The Stephenie Meyer fan-junket interview was all roses & hollyhocks until we delved into the most contentious subject of all, Team Edward vs Team Jacob…yes, of course we had to go there! Both sides battled vigorously (I’m not going to lie…Alison & I fought HARD for Team Edward!!) It was a heavy debate but in the end Stephenie Meyer really is…Team Switzerland 🙂

Have you ever wondered about who would actually win in a physical fight between Edward & Jacob? We’re talking the nitty gritty here people! Depending on what team you’re on the answer seems obvious but Alison & I wanted to know what the goddess who created the whole Twilight world, Stephenie Meyer, herself had to say. So we asked: asks Stephenie Meyer who would win in a physical fight, Edward or Jacob by twifans

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