See Jackson in The Last Airbender in UK from Tomorrow

At last, The Last Airbender opens in cinemas in the Uk tomorrow. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever!

Here’s part of a review of the movie from HeyUGuys, the rest of the article and review can be read by clicking on the link!

The Last Airbender does it’s best to unify lots of different elements, both in the storyline and in the way it’s been put together. Using green screens and state of the art CGI, Shyamalan is able to morph in and between worlds unlike any other movie I’ve ever seen. All of the effect driven elements are fantastic but does that mean that the film works in the world in which the characters are placed?

I did enjoy The Last Airbender but I didn’t love it. This is the first movie that Shyamalan has made in which he didn’t create the concept. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially as his last movie, The Happening was internationally criticised (even though I didn’t think it was that bad).

The acting performances in this were a little wooden, especially from Twilight actor, Jackson Rathbone, who has a very woollen and poor interaction with his on-screen sister Katara, played by Nicola Peltz and on-screen girlfriend, Princess Yue, played by Seychelle Gabriel. Noah Ringer plays Aang, aka The Last Airbender, puts in an equally poor acting performance but you have to give him credit for his martial arts skills. This movie is full to the brim of amazing martial arts choreography and some of the sequences in which they are shot are magnificent.

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