Lee McDougall Answers Fan Questions for Twilightish!

Anyone who has heard the song Falling In Love For the Last Time will have heard the rumours that it was written by Robert Pattinson for Kristen Stewart. Nice fairy story but the truth is it was written and performed by the superbly talented Lee McDougall. In a recent interview with Twilightish, a fan asked about the song and below you can read his reply. Firstly though, here’s a little bio about the man himself.

From the rock n’ roll heartland of Grimsby, Lee MacDougall has burst onto the London music scene with his unique brand of acoustic pop.

After quitting his job at the fish factory, Lee headed down to London with an acoustic guitar and a head full of tunes. His music is, at times a witty snapshot of modern life, at times a heartbreaking and soulful view of a young man’s journey – Lee’s soaring melodies, wry humour and lyrical prowess have drawn comparisons to a young Rod Stewart, Rufus Wainwright and The Kinks among others. Having already supported Paolo Nutini, The Feeling, and played a sold out Islington Academy with US rockers Train – Lee’s live shows are beginning to cause quite a stir…

Tipped by Word Magazine’s Kate Mossman as someone who is going to go a long way, and with rave reviews across specialist music press including METRO national newspaper voting Fan favourite “Joanna” their “song of the week”, and an army of loyal UK and US based myspace supporters catapulting him onwards, Lee MacDougall is set to be the one to watch in 2010…

And here’s some of the interview …

Who are your music inspirations?

So many. But in a nutshell, The Beatles, Rod Stewart, The Kinks, Nirvana, Oasis… these days I love Paolo Nutini and stuff like The Kooks… and I’m also inspired by people and their success stories. There are a lot of acts that are pretty inspirational through the struggles they’ve had to overcome to get where they are. A friend of mine called Rumer recently signed to Atlantic Records and flew out to LA just to sing for Burt Bacharach, and she had just been playing in bars for 10 years. In fact I did a gig with her about 18 months ago to about 20 people. So that sort of stuff inspires me..

– Which music artists would you like to collaborate with? (They can be dead or alive) And why?

I never really think “Oh I’d love to work with him, or her”, but it would be amazing to sing a song with Rod Stewart, or to have had the chance to sit down and write a song with John Lennon. It would be cool to work with Paolo Nutini, I think he’s the best young singer around at the minute.

Do you have a cd available? If not, when is your cd coming out? I want to purchase your music.

The CD will be out when I actually sign my deal! Which will hopefully be very soon. For now I have my debut EP available on iTunes.

– How does your music writing process start? Does it start with lyrics or melody?

It can be either. Sometimes I’ll have a title, and then I’ll wait for the right melody to come along. Usually though I think I tend to get the melodies first. They carry slightly more importance to me. It has to be a great tune first and foremost.

– What is your reaction to people that believe that Robert Pattinson composed/wrote the song ”Falling in love for the last time”?

It’s a great romantic story, and I’m all for great romantic stories. I’ve heard people are saying that to some of their fans, it has become a sort of Rob & Kristen theme tune. I love that! They are two incredibly talented people who to their fans seem to symbolize a sort of modern day Romeo & Juliet or something. Fans want to believe in their heroes. I know because I’ve been there. I can kinda see how it started, I was hanging out with Rob a lot at the time and I did write my song “How To Be” for him. Though to be honest I don’t really mind what people say as long as they’re enjoying my music and judging by the amazing response it’s had so far that seems to be the case.

You can read the rest of the article over at Twilightish

You can follow Lee on MySpace( where you can listen to some of his music!), Facebook and Twitter. His EP is now available to download from iTunes

Additional material supplied by the man himself, thanks Lee!

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