Charlie Bewley Gives his View on Breaking Dawn Birth Scene

OKay! Let us know what you think about Charlie’s idea? 🙂 And my answer to Malkin – Charlie’s really funny 😉

Charlie Bewley is either really funny—or completely nuts.

Bewley, the hottie blonde Brit who plays Volturi vampire Demetri in the Twilight movie franchise, says director Bill Condon should “go all the way” to show Bella giving birth in Breaking Dawn.

How so? Read on for our lil’ chat from yesterday’s Teen Choice Awards…

We finally have release dates for Breaking Dawn.
We do? [laughs]. You know more than me.

When do you start shooting?
I don’t know yet. They haven’t offered me anything yet, so we’ll just see. I just may walk away from the whole thing [laughs].

How are they going to show the birth?
I think they should just go all the way and do it in 3D! The baby kind of like pops out and floats above the audience’s head. Everyone who goes to see the movie with a bunch of kids going, “What?!”

I just don’t think they’re going to go for that.
There will be blood going like this [tilts head back, opens mouth and slides fingers over his face].

Maybe that could be at like a midnight showing. But seriously, how are they going to show it?
I have no idea. [But] they have to keep it in there. It’s part of the book.


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