Rob Fans Stake out Movie Set

Fans of Robert Pattinson drove from all over the US to Tennessee in hopes of catching a glimpse of the star on the set of Water for Elephants.

Cheryl Hagan spent 10 hours in the car Thursday, driving up from Orlando with her 12-year-old daughter just for the chance to get close to a vampire.

Her trip to West Cove Road in Walker County, Ga., where “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson is filming his new movie, “Water for Elephants,” is her first visit to a movie set. But she has attended 11 “Twilight” conventions, including one in Boston two weeks ago.

“We drove to Boston, so 10 hours is nothing,” she said Friday morning. “I know that I’m obsessed, and I’m OK with that.”

The entire article and a video can be seen here.

How far would you travel to satisfy your obsession?


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