Seattle Art Museum to host Quileute legend exhibit

If you happen to be in the Seattle, Washington area on August 14th, and you want to learn more about the culture that inspired the Quileute Legends in the Twilight series, the Seattle Art Museum has the exhibit for you.

Starting August 14th, according to Seattle PI, the Seattle Art Museum will host a Behind the Scenes: the Real Story of Quileute Wolves exhibit.

According to the exhibit’s listing on SAM’s website, “The wolf is central to the cultural beliefs of the Quileute Native Peoples of coastal Washington, and wolf imagery is prominent in their art forms. According to oral traditions, the first Quileute were changed from wolves by the Transformer, Kwati; those ancestral beginnings figure significantly in the Quileute world view, even today . . . This exhibition consisting of about 30 objects seeks to provide a public platform for the display and interpretation of art works that represent Quileute wolf mythology specifically, and also the larger sphere of their beliefs about spirituality and transformation.”

The exhibit will open “with a performance by a Quileute song and dance group . . . [and] Brotherton said she hopes ‘Twilight’ fans will visit the exhibit, and that teachers will capitalize on the craze in the classroom.”


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