Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying Twilight Merchandise

It took a long time for retailers in the UK to cotton on to the Twilight phenomenom. Two years ago you’d have been lucky to buy a Team Edward t’shirt yet now, everything is available from pens, bedding, jewellery, clothing and make-up. There are only a few retailers that sell on the High Street amongst them, HMV, Claires Accessories and Clinton Cards, the latter being the most recent addition with it’s range of birthday and celebration cards. It was shopping in this store that made me realise the difference in price between the retailers. I have picked one item to compare because it’s the one thing I thought I might purchase, the iPhone cover. I was shocked when I saw that the Eclipse themed covers are selling for an astronomically high price of £22.99 in Claire’s yet Clinton’s are selling the exact same item for £14.99. Amazon have an RRP of £19.99 on this item although it is being sold for £14.99 also. Another item to shop around for it the Eclipse fleece blanket. Amazon are charging £14.99 while are selling for £9.99 so it’s worth shopping around!

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