Rob Begs Paparazzi to Leave Him Alone!

You will probably have seen the video footage of Robert Pattinson being hounded by the paperazzi in Malibu over the weekend. I haven’t posted up the video itself as it goes against the ‘no paps’ policy we have here at UK Twilight however, I have watched and and am appalled at the behaviour of these photographers.

Yes we all want to see Rob but there are ways and means that do not impact on his privacy or endanger his life. As he said, he can’t drive when he knows he’s being followed and this is why we do not use paparazzi images on this site.

This is the video!

Update: Here is a link to the Paparazzi Reform Initiative. On this you will see a video of UK model Kate Moss and her children being swarmed by paparazzi at LA Airport.This initiative is in support of changing the Californian Stalking Laws.

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