Peace, Love & Recipes for Kristen Stewart!

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I just found this story on Twilightish.
I hope we can all contribute to this, whether it be by recipes, pictures or just by leaving lovely comments of encouragement for the dedicated fan doing this project.

A love book with recipes for Kristen.

Peace…Fans from all over coming together
for one single purpose.
Love…For such a great person that we all admire.

Recipes…Cooking is what she loves, lets give her new ideas!

The idea is to send in your favorite recipe. Think of something different! Something your grandma made when you were little, a recipe that is special to you, or just something you really enjoy making! The idea is to give Kristen recipes that she may have never seen before…or even thought of. The recipe can be anything…breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert whatever!

To make it even more personal, tell Kristen why its your favorite recipe. Was it something you and your mom made when you were young? Is it apart of your favorite memory? Let her know!

Now as for the love…

Its simple…tell Kristen why you love her. Tell her how much fun you’ve had meeting her or just how much you want to meet her. Tell her how she has changed your life.

The idea is for her to look through this book and want to make every single recipe in it….and for her to feel really loved by her fans.

This is a way for us to share something with her. To let her see a little bit into each of our lives and to bond over something she loves!

Now the technical…

You MUST send in a recipe! That is the main focus of this book.

Please make at least a little note to send along. Remember we want her to feel loved and feel like she knows a little bit more about each and every one of us through something as simple as a recipe. Don’t be afraid to tell her why it’s your favorite!

Deadline: September 20, 2010

Send your submissions to:
Oh and one more thing….
Please feel free to send in graphics, pictures of you & Kristen, pictures of just yourself, ANYTHING to make this book extra pretty!!!

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