Great Things Coming This Year on UKTwilight

UK Twilight has been live for almost 6 months now, hard to believe I know. Myself and Debz personally think it’s been an amazing success. In that time we have given away Twilight goodies and premiere tickets and we hope to have given you the Twilight news from a UK perspective that sometimes may get missed by the US sites.

The success of the site wouldn’t be possible without the enormous help and time given over by Debz’s awesomely artistic husband Phil. So thanks Phil!! Ofcourse, without the support of the Twilight fandom it would all be pointless so a great big thank you to you all. You are amazing!

So what have we got lined up for the rest of the year?

Well, we have some amazing giveaways coming up not least the highly anticpated competition to win that fantastic piece of artwork by Andrew Timbs. Check back tomorrow for details on how that gorgeous print of Bella and Edward can be hanging in your home.

We have some other giveaways lined up in the coming months so keep checking back!

Fans on our Facebook page will have noticed that we changed our picture yesterday to the one above. Very soon the entire site will be on this theme designed by Phil again! There’s definietly something mysterious about those woods. I can almost imagine night fall and eerie glowing eyes staring back at me!

Your comments and input are really important to us so if you see a story we’ve missed then let us know. Likewise, if you have a question we will do our utmost to answer it or find someone who can.

Thanks again for all your support over the last 6 months, Twilight fans really are an amazing bunch <3

Elaine and Debz

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