Dakota Fanning in Flare Magazine

Dakota is another of the Twilight girls who just looks stunning no matter what! In fact, drapped in binbags she would look just as stunning as she would drapped in designer clothes.
To add to that, she just seems like such a mature, lovely young lady.
Enjoy these pictures and small write up of Dakota in Canadian Flare Magazine.

Dakota Fanning went with bright red lipstick for the August issue of FLARE. She has the Summer off from high school to enjoy the continued success of Eclipse, and, in a few months, Dakota will reunite with her Twilight crew to work on Breaking Dawn — make sure to check out what the series’s screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg told us we can expect in the final installments. Dakota opened up to the magazine about her work in the vampire franchise and also spoke about her friendship with costar Kristen Stewart and her surprisingly normal life. Dakota said:

* On her down-to-earth daily life: “I have such a normal life when I’m not working . . . It’s just nice to be around people you care about and who know you best.”
* On acting alongside Kristen in Eclipse: “Kristen is one of my best friends, so it was really funny playing her enemy in Eclipse . . . But that’s what acting is and when they yell ‘cut,’ you can go back to your normal self.”
* On her favorite wardrobe staple: “In Push, I wear these Doc Martens. They’re worn-in and they’re so soft, and they’re one of the only ones that were made with a zipper. That has affected my style in a completely new way. Now I wear them every day.”
* On the career legacy she hopes she’ll leave: “I hope people will have been moved by something that I’ve done or [that I’ve] helped somebody through a hard time . . . and that I’ve stayed true to who I am and have been a nice person.”

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