Intrusive Rob Pattinson i-phone application

Many of you may of heard by now that a company or fan has made and added to the Apple i-phone/i-pad application store a application where you can find out where Robert Pattinson is at anytime.

In our view, this is classed as stalking and we are not trying to tell you what to do however think of the implications of this kind of application and the ‘butterfly effect’ it could have in the future.

Also, I think there are lots of lucky fans out there who bump into the cast in shops or in London, America, all over the world and get that picture of their hero that they will treasure forever and I think that will be alot harder if people allow this application to exist because, if it were me, and a application existed so people could invade my privacy, I would hire more security, I would never leave the house unless I had to, and I would be very wary of people.
I am very sorry to air my opinions on here and I am now ‘off my soap box’ as we say here in the UK.

We have added below the link to a Facebook page to campaign against the appliation. You can also go to the apple store and report the application though I will not put the link up on here as I do not want to give it any more advertisement than I already have!

Fans Against Stalker Robert Pattinson Apple App

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