BooBoo Stewart in Junes Inspire Magazine

Photo by Amanda Elkins

Lovely interview it the lovely BooBoo Stewart from June’s Inspire Magazine. Its a little late but I couldn’t resist putting it up.

In customized glasses and tucked in classic cars, Booboo Stewart was revolutionized into James Dean which brought out his inner bad-boy and love for the 1950s.

Photo by Amanda Elkins

Stewart, who stars as Seth Clearwater, is amongst one of the new faces of the “Twilight Saga.” Although it isn’t his first project, it’s clearly the most stimulating acting career choice he has indulged himself in several years. A Ford model who has a contract with Gibson guitars, Stewart is a proclaimed teenage heartthrob.

When the role for Seth was announced, Stewart immediately jumped to the opportunity by instinct. “It’s [just] the one I felt I was right for,” he explained. Despite his short visit to Canada to film “Eclipse,” Stewart was able to live and work among some of the most famous stars of today like Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Canada was not a completely new place for Stewart as he had toured the country before. “Everyone was really nice there,” Stewart begins, “[The cast] treated me great and it was even better than I hoped for.”

Photo by Amanda Elkins

Having Stewart as Seth generated an even larger fan base. In a previous discussion with friends, Stewart mentioned that fans had driven by his home to steal quick looks. “It took a little getting used,” he said, “[But] I get a lot more…opportunities, so it’s all good.”

Despite his pre-success with the “Twilight Saga,” Stewart is already looking forward to “Breaking Dawn,” which is split into two films, and furthering his music career. Fans may remember Stewart from the music group T-Squad who were most memorable for their cover of Vitamin C’s “Graduation.”

“I love what I do and like getting better at it,” says Stewart. He appreciates what he has earned and continues to thank for these risen opportunities. Stewart seeks to explore his careers and hopes to discover more of himself in the process.

Photo by Amanda Elkins

Just before arriving on location for his Inspire cover shoot, his family encountered a stray puppy. Alone and with a collar that was too small, the dog was welcomed by the Stewarts and was brought along and named ‘Marley.’ Marley now holds his debut with Inspire as a model in the arms of his new loving family.

With a plan for Stewart to portray James Dean, the crew jumped at the chance to style his hair, his clothing, and even his appearance for each look. Stewart was shot reading, which James Dean was often found to be doing, driving the hottest chariots, and starred as a “Rebel Without a Cause.” Despite his portrayal as a sexy-rogue, Stewart was able to reflect his benevolence when holding Marley as well as when smiling for the lens.

Stewart and the “Twilight” cast and crew is back for their third movie on June 30, 2010.

Photo by Amanda Elkins

This or That

1. Blonde or Brunette: “Both.”
2. Twilight or New Moon: “Eclipse.”
3. Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson: “You would have to ask my sisters that one.”
4. Music or Acting: If I had to choose: “Acting.”
5. Facebook or Myspace: “Myspace.”
6. TV or Movies: “Movies.”
7. Cookies or Cake: “Cookies.”
8. Steak or Hamburger: “Hamburgers…with Cheese.”
9. Dogs or Cats: “Dogs.”


1. Favorite actor: “Heath Ledger.”
2. Your ideal perfect day is: “Getting up late, relaxing, and maybe playing the guitar or drums for awhile.”
3. Five things you couldn’t live without: “Family, iPOD, cell phone, water, and music.”
4. Biggest pet peeve: “People that eat with their mouth open.”
5. What you look for in a girl: “Good smile and laugh.”
6. Best movie set you have been on: “TWILIGHT.”
7. Celebrity crush: Adriana Lima and Orianthi is pretty cute. Plus she is an amazing guitar player.”
8. If you had to be a in a musical, what musical would that be? “The Grinch.”

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