Rob Makes Edward Cullen ‘Most Successful Screen Vamp of All Time’

Mark Kermode has chosen his 10 best vampires in an article from The Guardian.

Of Rob he says –

Hard to credit, perhaps, but Stephenie Meyer’s blockbusting gothic romances have made R-Patz the most successful screen vampire of all time, outselling previous title holders Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the Anne Rice adaptation Interview With the Vampire. Hardened horror aficionados may balk, but hordes of Twi-hard fans have swooned to Edward Cullen’s otherworldly charms, marvelling at the way his skin glitters in the sunlight, and dreaming of dying (and being reborn) in his sensitively pallid arms. Chastity never seemed so attractive.

Conversely, a poll in The Toronto Sun put Rob second to Brad Pitts Louis de Point du Lac from Interview with a Vampire by a mere 1% of the vote!

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