Question Mark on UK Release Date of The Runaways (Updated 12/7/10)

During the press screening for Eclipse in London last week, a trailer was shown for The Runaways saying ‘coming soon’. Wanting to know and having  waited like most to find out the release date, I checked out IMDb which says 27th August. However, I have sinced checked in with the distributors site E1 Entertainment UK to find they have the date posted as 10th September! So which is it? On checking other sites I find they tend to obtain their release date info from IMDb. If you have any further information about this can you please let us know. Ofcourse I will be contacting E1 but I’m too impatient to wait until Monday! 🙂

UPDATE! According to the FDA (Film Distributors Association) the date is 27th August! Thanks to Kristoff from Mischief for the help!

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