Eclipse To Beat New Moon!

According to Entertainment Wise, Summit are confident that sales from Eclipse will leave New Moon in its shadow… I can’t help agree with this optimistic attitude. As the Twilight franchise has grown the fan base has grown with it and to people from all market areas, theres kids, teenagers, young adults, more mature ladies and gents.
So yep, I think this is a fair assumption to make.

Summit Entertainment is confident that the Twilight Saga: Eclipse can make more money at the cinema than its predecessor, New Moon.

On the first six days of release, Eclipse made less money than New Moon but Summit’s distribution manager, Richie Fay told MTV News that he thinks it will over take the previous installment.

“I think we have a real good shot at it after this first week. We’re not disappointed in this gross at all. It’s where we expected to be, and it hopefully gets us north of New Moon.”

Eclipse opened over the 4th July weekend and Richie added: “If we lost the audience to some degree over the weekend to barbecues and fireworks, they will probably come back.”

Eclipse opens nationwide in the UK tomorrow. Who is going to see it this weekend?


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