Inside the Red Carpet: Premiere Review

From left to right, Debz Roberts, premiere ticket competiton winners, Molle and Danielle Munro, Me, Issie Turner and Jenny Turner.

Being a fan of Twilight in the UK can sometimes be exhilarating, but more often than not, exasperating and frustrating.

Being a US franchise, we in the UK don’t get the major players at the drop of a hat nor do our fan sites get the huge exclusives like getting to co host interviews with the stars. We know that a lot of fans were hugely disappointed that Rob, Kristen and Taylor were unable to attend but I do know that E1 did try and Rob at least had filming obligations. Saying that, we at UK Twilight were lucky enough to be invited to last night’s UK Gala premiere in Leicester Square London.

Let me start by describing the set up for fans who were queuing. Leicester Square garden’s was turned into an enclosure that resembled a forest with green carpeting strewn with white and purple flowers reminiscent of the meadow. The fans that had camped overnight I understand, were hand stamped and it was those lucky, I was going to say few but I know there must have been at least a thousand, fans were penned in along the red carpet route. Everyone else was outside lined up along barriers. Once the stars were seen by those outside, they disappeared into the enclosure, invisible to those outside until they reached a slightly raised dais where they were interviewed by Alex Zane. I’ll give the Twi cast their due, they signed furiously and had hundreds of pics taken with fans. Even when their detail ushered them on, they went back for more! I personally think that although it’s hard queuing up for hours, the comerardery between the fans in the build up makes this a really rewarding experience.

We had hoped to take advantage of this situation to take some pics of the waiting fans, maybe have a quick chat with them and if we were lucky, snap some sneaky pics of the stars as they walked the red carpet. Sadly, because of the overzealous security, we were bustled into the cinema with hardly time to breath. ‘’Keep moving’’, they said. ‘’You can’t stand there’’. Although we did take advantage and hand out some business cards! Now you’d be forgiven for thinking that at this time, the cast were on the carpet when in fact they hadn’t even arrived. Sorry, but the first famous person we saw arrive was the lovely Gok Wan and to be honest I doubt very much he would have minded four fans chatting with other fans while he waltzed off to talk to Alex Zane. I felt we were being herded like cattle.

Inside the cinema, there was more of the same. We asked if we could take a few pics by the ‘Eclipse’ backdrop and were told we’d have to do it afterwards. Annoyingly by the time we came out, it had been taken away! We were pointed into the screening where we found our seats. The screen was playing out everything that was going on outside. When Joe Jonas came into view, my daughter screamed and shed a few tears knowing that if we’d been able to loiter for just a few moments longer, she’d have been able to get a good close up of her idol.

We had been told that we needed to be seated by 7:15. We were in our seats by 6:45. It was at least another hour or even more before Alex Zane thanked everyone outside for coming and things started inside with CEO of E1 taking the stage. After thanking E1 staff for their hard work over the last 2 years, he introduced David Slade onto stage who then introduced Kellan, Ashely, Nikki, Alex, Booboo and Xavier. After a few words from David, Kellan took the mic and said his piece then….that was it! Curtains opened, on with the movie!

Now, having never been to one of these events before but having seen recordings that others have done inside, I had hoped for more. More of what exactly I don’t know.

On the way out, as I said before, we looked for the Eclipse backdrop. We did however spot Holly Willoughby emerging from her screening and not one to beat about the bush, Debz asked if we could have a pic! One of her companions obligingly took three shots of us and Holly told us she loved the movie!

As much as it was a thrill and a privilege to walk down that red carpet, the fans waiting outside got better photo opportunities, and a better view. Next time I’ll be camping out with the girls!!

Thanks to Vicky and Sarah from our network friends over at Team Pattinson UK for allowing us to use some of there fantastic photos. The girls are pictured above!

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