Fan Experiences of UK Premiere

We asked if any of you would be willing to share your premiere experiences with us and here are two very differing points of view.

Lynne Duroy told us on Facebook –

I was there and I was interviewed by the BBC for their news segment at lunchtime and was on BBC breakfast this morning. Met and chatted with Rob’s sisters Lizzy and Victoria, they were gorgeous and so friendly. Nikki Reed and Alex Meraz were brilliant making every effort to sign everyone’s autographs but I was very disappointed in Ashley Green who blanked the fans towards the end of the red carpet and Kellan just went straight past us too. Xavier was gorgeous in the flesh and he had to rush past us too cos they wanted to start the movie. They spent too long with the fans on the streets so they didn’t enough time with those of us who had queued from the early hours and got into sectioned area inside Leicester Square which I was really fed up about. I was totally gutted that Rob wasn’t there but it was still a fun, but completely exhausting day.

And via e mail from Rachel Smith –

I had the best time ever at the premiere! Travelled for 8 hours to get there from South Shields and camped for about 27 hours, was worth it though.

I managed to get autographs off Ashley (twice :D), Nikki, Xavier and Booboo. I also got photos with Xavier and Booboo. Xavier picked up some flowers and threw them over me. It was a bit weird lol but he was really nice, so was Booboo 🙂
Ashley was really lovely too and she looked amazing! Was a bit gutted I couldn’t get a photo with her but at least I met her 🙂

I was a bit annoyed with Alex Meraz because he completely ignored us. He went around the red carpet then went back around and we were all shouting of him and he said ‘1 minute’ and went out to the fans outside the square, the ones that didn’t camp over night, and was out there for about 15 minutes. When he came back we all shouted of him to come over and he completely ignored us!

I was also gutted I didn’t get Kellans autograph. He missed me by about 4 people! So close yet so far 🙁

Out of the none Twilight cast I got autographs off Gok Wan, Danny Dyer, Joe Jonas and Holly Willoughby. I got a photo with Danny Dyer and he gave me a kiss because I was shaking. He was really nice 🙂

I managed to get one of the banners off the railings and Ashley signed it. It’s going up on my bedroom wall!

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