Want to see your favourite Eclipse scene in print?

A little while ago we did a feature on a company called Movie Art Prints.

Andrew, the talented guy who does all of the prints is now allowing us the opportunity to help him choose his next ‘Twilight’ project.
Which scene from Eclipse would you really love to see hanging on your wall?

There are some guidelines to be aware of before you let us know your ideas.

  • It must be a scene from the movie which really means something to you. Something which really captures the moment but which isn’t overly obvious. (See Andrews example below)
  • No stills of Jacob with his shirt of thank you! hehe. Though we all would love that one!

  • This example captures Batman: Dark Knight perfectly in my opinion. (I actually have this print!)

    The main point is the capture the movie in one picture!
    Its a toughy but I think you guys are up to the challange. I don’t have any ideas myself yet but I’m sure after this weekend we will have all seen the movie, several times each and will be able to contribute more but lets us know either by commenting below or by contacting us on our email uktwilight@live.com

    Once Andrew has decided on a image to work with he has kindly offered to give us a print to put up for a competition!

    So, get thinking my lovelies and let us know!

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