Did Bryce Dallas Howard Break Wrist Filming Eclipse?

This little story was found hidden away on Yahoo.

I don’t remember reading it in any other Bryce interview but then I’ve read so many lately! If you can validate this story or completely debunk it, let us know!

Bryce Dallas Howard had a painful time on the set of the new Twilight movie – she dislocated her wrist during a fight scene with Robert Pattinson.

The actress plays female vampire Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, opposite Pattinson’s bloodsucking heart-throb Edward Cullen.

The pair is involved in a violent confrontation at the climax of the film – and Howard was left with an agonising memento of the gripping scene.

She says, “There’s a massive battle at the end where Edward and Victoria really face off, and obviously that becomes a huge spectacle with two vampires fighting one another. There’s a lot of swiping, grabbing, throwing, tackling. It’s totally a brawl. Everybody had bruising, but I dislocated my wrist.

“The most scary thing was definitely fighting Robert. God forbid I hit his face – teenage girls would never forgive me!”

Thanks to Vicki at Team Pattinson UK

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