Eclipse Fan Mag in New Sugar Mag!

So the youngest just came back from the shop with the latest edition of Sugar magazine and straight away I snatched the lad mag! Such a good mum aren’t I? lol!

Anyway, here’s what’s on the outside:

Inside is an article titled ’13 twilight bites – Hands up if you know all these fangtastic facts’ I’ll do my best to type them up. Not sure if all this is true but it’s fun reading non the less!

1 – When Nikki Read and Kristen took time out to go parasailing, the guy driving the boat played a trick on them, leaving them so scared Nikki actually peed on Kristen. Ew!

2 – Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard really did their homework before filming their on-screen snog for Eclipse. They YouTubed clips of the best kisses in cinematic history for inspiration!

3- Rob has one leg slightly longer than the other. He reckons this makes him look like a cartoon character.

4 – Charlie Bewley moved from England to Canada to teach snowboarding in Whistler before he got the part of Demetri in New Moon. He also describes his mum as a ”raving hippy” who keeps chickens and occasionally tries to send him eggs in the post!

5 – Christian Serratos is a strict vegetarian. She loves animals so much she has posed nude twice for PETA. She’s also a big fan or marmite!

6 – After Ashley Greene heard that she’d got the part as Alice, she proceeded to work two weeks’ notice at celeb hotel, The Belmont, just in case the film bombed and she had to go back to waitressing. Imagine!

7 – Ashley also had to catch the Hollywood Metro to the 2010 Young Hollywood Awards in her full-on dress because the traffic was so bad! It was worth it though, she won the award for Young Hollywood Styke Icon.

8 – Nikki Reed divorced her parents at 14. Then at 15 she co-wrote the film Thirteen with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.

9 – Kellan Lutz has invented a ‘car-seat cardio kit’. While he’s travelling to events he doesn’t have a lot of time to work out, so he’s fshioned the headrest on his car so that it’s like and abs machine. And, he’s fastened bands to his chair so he can do bicep curls on the road. Sounds a bit dangerous to us.

10 – Bryce Dallas Howard considers Jake Gyllenhaal one of her BFFs.

11 – Ashley Greenes first job was in a dry cleaners, because she wanted to save up for a pair of jeans.

12 – George Clooney refers to Rob as ‘Mr Handsome’. Anna Kendrick got dating advice from him (George) and he was always asking how Rob was.

13 – Cat Deeley’s boyfriend Jack Huston, appears in Eclipse! He plays Rosalie Hale’s (They wrote Cullen tsk) evil fiance!

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