US Fans Camp out for LA Eclipse Premiere! (Updated)

Scary isn’t it? I suspect that before Thursday nights LA premiere the number of tents erected will have increased a great deal!! Add to that the worlds press, it’s going to be a crowded event!

No news yet on the protocol for the London premiere although at this time we are told that fans can start to position themselves from 12 noon on July 1st. I’m waiting to hear if fans will be moved on if they arrive before that time but will let you know when I do.

In the meantime, if you are planning on camping out or arriving very early, what plans have you got in place to survive the day?

Let us know!

Twilight News Via Twilight Lexicon

Update I’ve heard form my source who tells me that since people have camped overnight in Leicester Square before, he doesn’t think there should be any issues with early arrivers this time. Although, he did warn you to be on the look out for street cleaners 🙂

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