Billy Burke’s Album Released Tomorrow!

Those of you who subscribe to Billy’s website will have recieved the following email in your inboxes today!

“Don’t know really how to feel. I’ve been so out-of-control-busy lately but when I woke up I realized “Holy S***– my record comes out tomorrow”. As most of you know this has been quite a long time coming for me so my emotions are all over the place. Anyway we’re all very proud of this album so I hope you all enjoy it. In case it needs mentioning, Removed is due to go live at 12 noon, east coast time. (that’s 9 am over here on the west coast) tomorrow 6/22. I’ll be sending an email out as soon as it’s up, ready and available.

While the album will be available digitally in all the usual spots such as itunes, we have (it now seems unwisely) only shipped 1000 Cd’s to our distributor and given the amount of feedback we have received so far we are a little nervous that they may sell out pretty fast.I’m normally an itunes kind of guy, however in this case the physical copies are a helluva lot sweeter because only THEY contain the 12 page booklet with the lyrics, photos, and all the other stuff that kind of makes it feel like an album. That said, keep in mind I grew up buying 12 inch vinyl records and these kooky little things we called “cassette tapes” so maybe that’s just me :)

Anyhow, a couple other important things to report. I’m humbled and proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds will be going to VH1 “Save the Music”. Sadly, music programs are being cut all across the country. VH1 Behind the Music is dedicated to keeping those programs alive by donating instruments and much needed funding to help keep America’s kids making music. A portion of the sale of each album sold will be going to this amazing cause.

Finally, I wanted to do something to say thank you to you guys (the subscribers) as well, and so for the first 72 hours the price of the physical copies of the album will be a mere $12.97. After 72 hours (if they don’t sell out first) the price will be going up.

So relatively speaking, for less than the price of a ticket to ECLIPSE, not only can you only pick up a new album but you can help some kids get the instruments they need while you’re at it.

That’s it for now. Keep your eye on your inbox.


P.S. I’m still working on those Q&A answers and I hope to have them
to you in the next few days.

P.P.S Congrats to the winners of the record release party tickets.
I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there on Tuesday.”

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