Rachelle Lefevre supports Eclipse

Its the time old battle now of Rachelle vs Bryce with the Twilight fans. I think we all know that many fans felt let down that Victoria would be replaced in Eclipse, however, hopefully this may make you feel better about it.

Im a huge Rachelle fan however I fully support Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. She is a phenomenal actress and who better to replace Rachelle, thats the way I see it!
Love them both 🙂

Rachelle is one classy lady, according to Marc Malken’s Column at E!, she WILL see Eclipse when it comes out.
This is one of those times when words speak for themselves. According to E!:
“Talk about a classy gal. Even though Rachelle Lefevre has plenty reason to gripe about being replaced in the Twilight franchise by Bryce Dallas Howard, she’s not gonna go there.
In fact… The ginger beauty tells us she plans to check out Eclipse when it hits theaters next month. “Why wouldn’t I see the movie?” she said yesterday at the Environmental Media Association’s Yes to Carrots Garden Challenge luncheon in L.A. “I support my cast. They’re amazing people and they’re great kids and they’re doing awesome work. Why shouldn’t they be supported? And Stephenie Meyer is an incredible writer, as is [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg, and I think both of them should be celebrated.”
Plus, she added, she keeps in touch with some of the cast, especially Elizabeth Reaser: “We were like a family.”

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