Peter Facinelli is happy the Cullen family is still intact!

In this new interview with Access Hollywood, Peter Facinelli reveals his feelings on new directors and new actors.

“I thought that would be really weird to have to act against other people and all of a sudden those are your family members,” the “Twilight” patriarch told of reports that cast members, including Kellen Lutz and Ashley Greene, had been in doubt for the saga’s finale over salary negotiations.

However, all the negotiations have since been settled and the whole Cullen clan will return for the adaptation of the fourth book in the series.

“I’m glad it all worked out,” Peter said. “I think it would have been silly in the end if, or it would have watered down the franchise if all of a sudden we had a whole new family.”

However, he doesn’t mind changing directors, as each film in the series has had a new helmer. “Dreamgirls” director Bill Condon will join the series for “Breaking Dawn,” with David Slade having handled “Eclipse,” which hits theaters this month.

Read the whole story at Access Hollywood.

(Source: Twilight Lexicon)

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