Elizabeth Reaser will be sad when Breaking Dawn ends

Twilighters Annonymous had the awesome luck to speak to Elizabeth Reaser (AKA Esme Cullen) on the red carpet of the MTV Awards.
I must say I am very jealous of TA for this interview. You can’t hear Jen, Twilighters Annonymous reporter very well so crank up the volume a little and enjoy.

TA: Are you working on anything right now or do you have any upcoming projects?

I just did a non-vampire movie which is very exciting and cool and I was not pale, which was kinda fun for a change. I love it, it’s very exciting to be a vampire. But I don’t want to put on all this makeup!

She also goes on to talk about how she’ll feel when they wrap up filming for the saga with Breaking Dawn:

TA: I’m pretty sure it’s kinda of sad knowing that Breaking Dawn is coming up and that’s going to be the last movie

I can’t even think about it. To say goodbye to these people. I mean I’ll see them, we’ll see each other. There’s nothing better than being holed up on-location with your friends. Doing this amazing movie, with these amazing characters. I Just can’t even think about it and talk about it.

(Source: Twilighters Annonymous)

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