Robert Pattinson in Premiere Magazine (France)

Thinking of Rob have posted up some scans from Premiere and an interview with Rob, which includes outtakes from GQ magazine. ToR have also gone to the trouble of translating the interview and I think they have done an absolutely amazing job!!

P: The last time we spoke you were film­ing New Moon. Now one year later we meet again for The Twi­light Saga Eclipse. I have trou­ble fol­low­ing it’s going so fast…

RP: Only two months went by between the film­ing of New Moon and Eclipse, dur­ing which I filmed Remem­ber Me. Every­thing, went by so fast that I feel like I never really left Twi­light. That being said, I still felt lost when I arrived on the set of Eclipse. I didn’t have any prepa­ra­tion time and it took me a few weeks to adapt.

P: What did you expect from David Slade and was he dif­fer­ent on set from what you imagined?

RP: I had absolutely no idea what to expect from a Direc­tor who was spe­cial­ized in movies more for adults, who doesn’t back away from very explicit bru­tal­ity. I sin­cerely won­dered how this uni­verse would merge with the Twi­light uni­verse, which isn’t known for its unbear­able vio­lence. David had very spe­cific ideas of what he wanted to do, with a work method and approach that was totally dif­fer­ent from Cather­ine Hard­wicke or Chris Weitz.

To read the entire translation, go to Thinking of Rob

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