Peter Facinelli:Eclipse Exceeded My Expectations

That’s right. When MTV News caught up with him backstage, he admitted that he had seen it only two days earlier, and made a convincing argument for it being the best “Saga” film yet.

“It’s my favorite book of the series, and it was a high watermark for me, going in to see that movie,” he shared. “It exceeded all my expectations.”

He said that his favorite part was, unsurprisingly, the big battle scene at the end, because it was nice to see the “Cullen tribe family” (we think any one of those would have worked, but he used all three) get in on the action and let their vampire nature show.

But all that talking about the upcoming film didn’t distract him from the popular theme of all the fan-voted MTV Movie Awards: appreciation for the viewers that support them.

“It’s all the fans. I’m humbly overwhelmed by their support and their love for these movies,” Peter said.

Still, if there’s one thing that he’s happy about, it’s that “The Twilight Saga” is a fairly swear-free franchise. We’re pretty sure he threw enough curses into his Best Movie acceptance speech to make the entire series rated R.

“I’ve cursed enough for a whole lifetime, and I’m going to rinse my mouth with a bar of soap now,” Peter admitted before walking away from the interview.


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