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Many of our UK Fans might have visited Comic Con in Milton Keynes this weekend. The convention was massive with guests like Patrick Stewart, Linda Hamillton and of course the lovely Chaske Spencer.

Like all conventions there were so many dealers it was hard to see them all, and there was alot of repetition with different stalls however, one of them really caught my eye and that was before I saw the ‘Twilight Canvas’!

We came across Andrew Timbs of ‘Movie Art Prints’ and were instantly struck by the artwork on display. Whilst I was looking through their brochure I overheard a lady asking to see a Twilight canvas, and Andrew and his colleague then both lifted up the image of Bella and Edward that you can see in the photo above.
As soon as I saw this picture I knew I had to do a piece on Andrews work to share with you guys. I hope your all as impressed as I am.

I’m a graduate of illustration and received my degree from Middlesex university. I’m a massive fan of film and began working on my artwork based on my favourite movies around 6 years ago. At first this work was just for myself and for my own walls but my collection grew and it soon became more than just a hobby. I’ve been attending memorabilia shows and Sci Fi conventions for many years and saw these as a way to get my artwork seen by people who had the same interests as myself. I’ve been attending these shows as a dealer for the last 3 years and built my website as a gallery for my work.

I will be at the London Film and Comic Con in July and will be booking collectormania London and Memorabilia NEC in November.

I’m more than happy to do commissions, especially on cool scenes from the films rather than just character images. I’m interested in capturing scenes which define a film that are memorable to everyone who has seen it.

I do discount my work at the shows to make them more affordable to the general public (also I print in bulk for these shows and don’t have the postage and packaging expenses which apply for website sales). And I would be happy to keep this discount in place for members of your site.

Visit Andews site here at Movie Art Prints or you can see him on Facebook here.

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