David Slade talks about why he chose Eclipse

I think it goes without saying really that David Slade was a brilliant choice for this particular installment of the Twilight Saga, being that its one of the Darkest parts (In my opinion!) and the fact that Eclipse intrigued him so much just makes me even more sure that he will have done an excellent job with this movie. And lets face it, from the sneak peeks and trailers we’ve seen so far… its kinda looking phenomenal!

Director David Slade has finally spoken up about why he decided to take on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as his next feature film project (after having worked on Hard Candy and 30 Days Of Night).

In an audio interview with Earth’s Mightiest, Slade revealed that he found the idea of helming a romantic actor-cetric picture to be quite a challenge – and one which would elevate his capacity as a director: “It was just that I’d done two very intense films, one was outright horror film one was a thriller, and there was a really an intense acting film, a very very intense drama. And you know there were a lot of films around that I could’ve done and some amazing ones that fell through and there was lots of others, and you know . . . but no one was offering me something different. I just . . . from going from a one-person drama in a house to an expansive film set in Alaska . . . It was a big challenge. To me, it was here’s a chance to reinvent and learn a lot more . . . And I think I have a skill-set to address that and the studio obviously thought so . . . The interesting thing was at no point did they go ‘Well, we’re really scared you’re going to make it too scary.’ No, this was never discussed, it was just ‘Well, let’s talk about it.’ . . . So, from my point of view, it was very different than anything anyone else was offering me.”

David Slade also revealed that one of his focal points in making the picture was to explore the whys and hows of certain mythological elements to the picture: “There was a certain amount of mythology that I found personally very interesting that I could bring a kind of sense of awareness I think that kind of hadn’t been addressed before. How do these things work when it comes to vampires? Why do they sparkle? What is it about them that does that and how does it works? Those kinds of things were really interesting to me. Those things were explored a little. There aren’t as many sparkly shots, but I think you get a sense of the physics of the whole thing . . . On the one hand, you have this intensely naturalistic romantic drama . . . so when it comes to these kind of fantastic elements, to me, it was important that they didn’t raise above the level of magic realism. You had to accept them as natural.”

(Source: Twilight Examiner)

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