Is Breaking Dawn a confirmed ‘Two Parter’?

Is Breaking Dawn definitely going to be filmed in two parts? Well I just picked this story up from The Twilight Saga: Official Uk Page who have posted up this article from Sky Movies stating just that! Has this been confirmed for sure?

The Cullens will return. In a rather unsurprising (yet, for Twihards, still reassuring) piece of casting news, it seems the vampire family will be back for Breaking Dawn.

A big chunk of the Twilight supporting cast has been confirmed for the two-part finale, Breaking Dawn, despite earlier rumours of contractual discord.

Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz have all signed on, despite rumours indicating the supporting cast were looking for bigger pieces of the Twilight money pie.

It seems that they either received the sought-after bigger offers, or looked at the Victoria situation and realised none of them were essential to the franchise’s future.

For the fans have seemingly accepted the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard, who stepped in to replace Rachel Lefevre as the story’s villain, Victoria, for the climax.

And if a lead villain can be replaced without fuss, then the Cullen clan would have realised signing on without fuss was in their best interests.

Beaking Dawn will begin shooting this year, with part one set for release in November 2011. Twilight fans, meanwhile, are holding their collective breath for the release of Twilight: Eclipse in July.

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