Twilight Contract Claim Overblown!(UPDATED)

Everyone seems to be having their say on the alleged dispute between Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Summit over their contracts for Breaking Dawn. Yesterday stories cames from Twilight director Catherine Hardwick and the good Dr Cullen, actor Peter Facinelli. Today is the turn of Esme Cullen, actress Elizabeth Reaser. According to the Press Association –

Twilight actress Elizabeth Reaser says rumours of a contract dispute over the franchise’s fourth instalment have been blown out of proportion.

The actress, who plays Esme Cullen, said people need to understand contract negotiations are a part of showbiz.

It was reported online that Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, who play vampires Alice and Emmett Cullen, originally had a three-picture deal and needed a new contract for the fourth instalment of the franchise.

Summit Entertainment said it wouldn’t comment on negotiations or business discussions on its films.

The studio also wouldn’t say when filming is expected to begin for Breaking Dawn, and Elizabeth said she hadn’t been given any hints.

She joked: “I really want to know, because I’m trying to plan my life.”

What do you think about all the comments being made? How would you feel if Kellan and Ashely were dropped from the final installment? Leave your comments below!

(source: The Press Association)

Pretty much as I pressed send, the story came that Kellan and Ashley have both signed on for Breaking Dawn. According to the New York Post Summit have ‘caved’ in over the cash!

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz have closed deals to reup their roles in the next Twilight movie, “Breaking Dawn.”

Greene and Lutz signed contracts last nights, acccording to sources close to the deal.

Movie studio Summit Entertainment, which has made billions off the franchise, had been in negotiations with the two supporting characters since last week, but the two actors reportedly wanted pay increases for the next movie since the studio did not allow them to renegotiate on the second and third films.

Summit caved in after the two actors held out for more cash. “The studio realized how valuable Ashley and Kellan are to the franchise and did what they needed to do to keep them,” said a source close to the situation.

Kellan Lutz

Amanda Schwab/Starpix
Kellan Lutz

Reports said the kids have been trying to score paydays of $1.5 million. Sources said they two will receive close to that amount to continue on in their roles. “It was a good deal,” said the source.

The money is still much lower than what Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are supposedly pulling in.

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