Little bit on the ‘Twilight Effect’ on BBC Radio 2

After my rather embarrassing 15 minutes of fame on yesterdays Simon Mayo show on Radio 2, here’s a little piece that is up on their website for you to look at! Hmmm, I’m a Twidow, erm no Simon, I rather think that may be you!

We spoke to Tony Braxton on the show yesterday she made a rather intriguing revelation about herself.. She is what is referred to as Twidow! For the uninitiated, that is a lady lost to the Vampire inspired phenomenon that is Stephanie Meyer’s cult series ‘Twilight’

So, just what is it about that so appeals to older women, given that the books are basically aimed at teenage girls? We spoke to a self proclaimed Twidow Elaine Turner who runs the website …

BBC Radio 2

NB: A twidow, as defined by Urban dictionary, is a woman whose spouse avoids face to face conversations and twitters instead!!

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