The Host to begin auditions!

The Acting-Auditions website reports that the auditions for Stephenie Meyer’s The Host will very soon be under way! Yay.

Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host” is now officially in pre-production. The casting process and auditions are ready to begin, with filming set to start in early 2011.

Chockstone Pictures and Nick Wechsler Productions are teaming up to produce the feature film. Andrew Niccol will direct. Niccol recently produced, wrote (screenplay), and directed the highly anticipated Sci-Fi film “The Cross” starring Orlando Bloom. He was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999 for “The Truman Show”.

The Host was a #1 New York Times Best Seller, and remained on the list for 26 weeks, and also spent over 36 weeks on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list. This film is expected to be the first of three in a trilogy. The sequels will be titled “The Soul” and “The Seeker”.

(Source: Acting Auditions Via Team Twilight)

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