Alex Meraz reveals some Eclipse details!

Little by little, details from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse keep coming to the surface to let Twilight fans know what they can expect from the film.

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, one of the Eclipse wolfpack cast members revealed a crucial detail about the film’s expectable content.

Alex Meraz (“Paul”) explained that the battle between his character and Kellan Lutz’s (“Emmett Cullen”) will be shown in the movie (whereas in the book, it was alluded to but not visually – or as visual as book descriptions can be – revealed).

“I didn’t get my chance to touch anybody in ‘New Moon.’ This time I go at it with Emmett [Kellan Lutz]. I give him a nice [. . .] slap. But I’m in wolf form, so maybe it’s a big paw slap?” he explained.

So, that’s one more perspective-based addition to the film . . . any others you didn’t see in the book that you’d like to see in the movie?

(Source: Twilight Examiner)

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