MTV’s exclusive new ‘Eclipse’ still

Now I did some screen caps the other day and thought I had captured a good shot of the Newborns emerging from the lake but….. this kicks the ‘butt’ outta my picture!

Heres what Hollywood Crush has to say about the still

In what was perhaps once of the best moments in the second “Eclipse” trailer, we saw Victoria’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) newborn army ominously follow her right-hand man, Riley (Xavier Samuel), into a body of water and then suddenly emerge on the other side with the stern look of vengeance in their eyes.

If you’ve been thinking about that scene ever since you watched the trailer on Friday (and no doubt on a continuous loop over the weekend), then get ready to be chilled all over again! In honor of Summer Movie Preview Week here on MTV News, we’re bringing you an EXCLUSIVE new still from “Eclipse”!

While we’re sad Bree Tanner (Jodelle Ferland) doesn’t seem to be in the picture, it still got our hearts pumping as we realized this had be the scene when Victoria sends her newborn army to Forks in preparation for the final confrontation. If we looked that good soaked in muddy lake water, we’d probably use that as our mode of transportation, too!

(Source: Hollywood Crush MTV)

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