Biggest competition for Eclipse will be ‘The Last Airbender’?

Hmmm now I don’t think there will be much competition. Though I will definitely be going to see ‘The Last Airbender’ as it looks awesome, the plot line sounds great and of course, my favourite, Jackson Rathbone is in it but its just not part of our Twilight world so I think Eclipse will be the winner in this potential battle.

Here is what ‘Twilight Examiner’ has to say on the matter:

We’ve known for some time that Jackson Rathbone’s The Last Airbender would be released very near to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and months ago, Eclipse was listed right alongside Airbender on Variety’s assessment of “formidable competition” for the summer box office.

A lot of Twilight fans have operated under the assumption that those who would see Eclipse this summer would not be deterred by the date of Airbender’s release, but Variety has readdressed the situation and suggests that the formidable competition at issue now is between Eclipse and Airbender.

“Eclipse,” unspooling June 30, will face tough competition for male eyeballs from Paramount’s event pic “The Last Airbender,” which opens July 2. Last week, Paramount upped the ante by announcing that it’s converting “Airbender” to 3D.

As is obvious in this film franchise (especially with the recently released final trailer), Eclipse filmmakers are trying to reach an expanded audience (namely, more male fans), so the situation of Airbender just behind Eclipse could serve as an obstacle to getting some new bodies in the theaters for the film.

Other than Airbender, it’s been suggested that Twelve is a potential box office competitor for Eclipse.

On the other hand, Eclipse does have the advantage of opening first in the week (Wednesday, June 30th), so that might be a factor to consider. Still, do you think there’s a chance the temporal placement could impact the influx of Twi-guys? Why or why not?

So… what do you think?

(Source: Twilight Examiner)

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