Volunteers Wanted!!

There’s no such thing as a day off in the world of Twilight. News comes thick and fast everyday whether it be about the actors, books or movies. With that in mind, Debz and myself have decided what we really need is a little bit of help posting up news stories.

So what we are looking for is this. Someone who has a working knowledge of wordpress and is a HUGE Twilight fan. Ideally we would like 2 people, one UK based and another US based so that we have stories going up at all hours of the day. You should also support the ideals of the site.

If you are interested, get in touch with us via our contact page or by sending an email to either Elaine or Debz to UKTwilight@live.com and we’ll get back to you.

Please remember this is a volutary post, we do this because we love Twilight, the actors and everything that goes with it and not for monetary gain!

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