Xavier Samuel on Fame and Returning to Oz!

MTV Australia has the following article about the Eclipse newbie!

Move over Taylor Lautner , there’s a new ‘ It Boy’ in town.

Aussie hottie Xavier Samuel, who’s starring in the ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ has been labelled one of Hollywood’s hottest new men.

In an upcoming issue of VMAN, the actor, who judged the OPTUS ONE80PROJECT last week, reveals he’s still getting used to his new found fame.

Talking about the drawbacks of being a rising actor he says, “Living out of a suitcase and your comfort zone, it’s a bit of a challenge.”

And the hunk, who starred in the award-winning Oz horror flick ‘The Loved Ones’ says he can’t wait to work on his home turf again.

“I want to get back to Australia and do a film there. It’s important to remember your roots.”

But despite his success, the 26-year-old admits he almost followed a different career path altogether.

When asked if he’d always wanted to be on the big screen he said,

“Not at all, really. I mean, the usual response is, you know, “I’ve been acting since I was three, and I used to perform plays for my Mom and Dad.” But I never really did that sort of stuff.

“I kind of followed a friend of mine into auditioning for drama schools and sort of landed in a drama course as a result of that. And it wasn’t kind of ’til halfway through that first year that I thought, “Actually, this is something that is a craft, and it’s not just a hobby.”

(Source: eclipsemovie.org via MTV Australia linked above.)

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