Top Five Robert Pattinson Rumours

If there’s no news to be had, why not just make it up or just stretch the truth? That seems to be the lesson from  some of the more suspect members of the press particularaly a certain red top here in the UK.

Entertainment and Showbiz have posted up theis article giving the top 5 rumours surrounding Rob. I’m sure that we could add a few more to the ever growing list of fairy tales!

If you want your tabloid to sell, make up some outrageous stories or twist the words said by Robert Pattinson or his friends and print it. The result will be similar like Rob’s career your tabloid or mag will reach a sales number that you never thought of. The 23 year old sky rocketed to success from nowhere to become the latest heartthrob among the teenagers. But more than his acting, some thing else keeps him in the spotlight, those are the numerous rumours that surrounds him. Here are five of those outrageous ones.

1. Rob is pregnant: This one tops the list as it is none of his so called girlfriends who were pregnant courtesy to him, but it is him who was allegedly carrying the baby this time. This was once reported by an Australian tabloid. Rob told in an interview that he is not showing since he is hiding the child in his armpits.
2. Rob is Kurt Cobain:  It seems The Sun has a field day, thanks to RPatz, they have attained the success they had been seeking for a long time. Lately they came up with the rumour that Courtney Love the widow of Kurt Cobain is in touch with Rob and wants him to play his late husband in the up-coming biopic. But once again the story was nothing but rumour because Courtney told in an interview to The Canadian Press Rob is not even being considered for the role.
3. Rob is deaf: It’s true that the guy has a wacky sense of humour and often that leads to various rumours. Once he told that with so many screaming fans around him, he can barely hear what anyone else is saying. Tabloids had this ingenious idea of putting a headline that the actor is deaf. So now that this is the news, will he be doing his upcoming movies in sign language? What does the tabloid has to say about that?
4. Rob is gay: After a photo-shoot with nude women the cheeky actor told he was afraid of vagina. Tabloids twisted it to he being a gay, adding to this rumour was Kristen Stewarts fun comment that she was “beard” for Rob and Taylor. So when the guy is not being linked with his female co-stars, he is linked with his male co-actors. Awesome.
5. Rob got a record deal: Robert was approached by his fellow Brit celebrity judge Simon Cowell with a record deal. But the actor was apprehensive about it. The reporter was The Sun once again. It has been a long time since the U.K. tabloid reported that and no such news has been confirmed yet by any one else. So safely for the time being we can say it rubbish.

There are many more rumours that peg Robert Pattinson, from being a smelly star to becoming the brother of Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. Being engaged to Kristen Stewart god knows how many times already to playing the next Bond. This all are nice piece of rumours that kind of entertain us even when the guy is not acting.

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